Story of master Gim's

The jury's verdict:

The work done by the students of 5th 2 is very good. However, make coherent a text written by 25 people, have not been so easy.

Early in the story, the reader is immersed in a context where love and falsehood reign at a time.

The characters are credible as well in their statements that their behaviors, and perfectly matches the idea that can be done by listening to the song's master Gims.

Broken was not the title we prefer this excellent singer, but students from Madam Troly (French teacher) have managed this feat that involves dive us into the heart of this song to learn its meaning.

In fact, we have to recognise that they managed to do with us what we try to do with them, i.e.: fully appreciate a song, by visualizing mentally and in high definition, the story it tells.

Hats off!

Marc & Nadia Crichi

17 June 2015,

Dear Camellia,


I am writing this letter to express my feelings. I understood everything without saying a Word. You had that smile at the corner of the lips when you was lying. I tried to believe it again and again. I voilais me the face when I thought you loved me still. I often asked myself this question: "what is I love you, I know not if I love you."

Now it is necessary that I tell you everything from the beginning: how I felt seeing you, my beautiful years until your betrayal, all of our history… The tears flow down on my shoulders…


Even today, I remember our best moments from the beginning. That Saturday morning, I was having lunch of toast with Nutella with a delicious cappuccino in hand. I had invited you to the restaurant located at the edge of the sea, our place of venue, to tell a new.

Once finished my breakfast, I took my jacket, my keys, closed the door and went to my appointment. I installed me at the table that I had reserved and I waited my wife. A few minutes later, I saw happen. She was dressed in a light blue dress that was knee-deep. Seconded and curly hair: it was you that I loved. You directed towards me and we discussed while eating.

At the end of the meal, I got up and I gave you an envelope telling you:

-Opens the envelope, there's a surprise inside.

So, you have opened it and you have released two tickets a week vacation in Hawaii. You have jumped me in arms telling me:

-Thank you my love, I love you!

-Me too I love you! We start Monday.


The day of departure, the following Monday, we flew to Hawaii. We spent the week together. We visited, we wandered: it was happiness!… Of not less than what I thought.


Regularly, you sent me messages, you wrote me letters, such as this that I have adopted by heart:

"My Darling Gims,

It's been two years that we as a couple. And I hope that it will last much longer. I love you more and more every day, my love. And I will not stop say you again and again, I love you.

All our appointments we had make me the happiest. If you was wrong then, I'd be very bruised. I said, you got this smile that I will never forget my darling.

                           Camellia '.


And then there's this day where I invited you to this family dinner in our restaurant on the seafront. John, my brother, I was told that I had found the right companion. It was the night where it was pretty hot. My father talked to you much about, which meant you enjoyed many, he even suggested you a coffee.

But my mother had two, three suspicions. It was you… not quite sincere and sinister. Me I you was perfect and my father also. He said that he wanted to see you again one day next, to learn more about our married life. But it's my mother that I should have a little better listen…


Time has passed and it sometimes came together, John, you and me. And then, that night, everything changed. In the disco where we were, you looked at the entire evening my brother John in him addressing complicit smiles. Later, in the street, while you had left me alone at the party, I saw a terrible thing. I saw you kiss another man. I approached more closely, I hid me behind a car and saw that he was a great man… and especially that it was my brother: John!…


I went home crying.

From that day on, my heart was suffering as if a lightning bolt had come hit him head-on. You have betrayed me and broken like a vulgar branch. You have messed me, wiped out and you made me wrong because the brain follows the heart. You have stabbed me in the dark.


After that, I slept almost as much; When I was able to turn a blind eye, I was still doing the same nightmare, it unfolded thus: we had prepared our wedding for several months and it was finally the big day. Everything started well until the moment where the mayor said: "I now pronounce you husband and…". "Suddenly someone said: ' Stop! Stop everything! "Everyone wondered who it could be. Then John stepped forward and said: "I am against" and you are gone in her arms and you have embraced it. I was in shock, lightning fell between us. I asked you: "is it a joke? '' And you said me: "no, this is not a joke, sorry. Then I melted into tears, and after you're gone with John. You have stabbed me in the dark.


One morning, I woke up from this nightmare with a firm resolution. I slammed the door of my home. Once in my car, I decided to go to my old beloved to set things straight.

Once before your door, I struck. You have opened for me and I told you:

-Listen Camelia! I came home to announce our break on this beautiful summer day. Your betrayal was like a thunderclap in the depths of my heart. This is why I am going to put an end to our relationship. Will rather see my brother John!…

– But I can explain my amou… "

-No! I don't want to know, you have betrayed me! I don't want to see you anymore! "

-Leave – me a chance! You are you exclaimed.

At a glance I just answered you farewell. Then I slammed the door of home and I left my home soothe my suffering.


Nevertheless, you are hooked, you wrote me a new message which failed to return me the brain. That one yet, I remember very well, you said:


"My love,

Despite what you think, with John we are only simple friends. The other time, out of the nightclub, you saw me kissing him but you had an illusion, we have never embraced. I am faithful to you. We just close as would simple friends.                           

The first time I saw John, I regarded it as my brother-in-law, it nothing happened between us! I swear! I beg you, believe me! I want too you to deceive you with anyone! I do not want you to leave me, my heart breaks! I do not want you to leave me, I beg you, believe me, remember that I love you.

                                                                 Camellia '.


"My love, my love", is that of empty words in your mouth.

'My love, my love', since we go out together you do that me lie, in fact. I've had enough of your lies. Living proof is your last letter… Whatever you say, whatever you do, it is that lie. I do not believe in your letter, I can't remove your my heart lies but fire may drive out them of paper, then it's over. We both finished, you have stabbed me in the dark.

At this time, facing the blue vastness, tears consume me. I leave the sunset singing my despair.





In the twilight of a beautiful sunny day on the hot sand, surrounded by a sea of oil returning orange highlights, a man moves forward. He wears a white t-shirt but it sounds like it is wet… He holds in his hand a letter; and in the other hand, a lighter. His face is bathed in tears but his eyes launch lightning and great sadness, great sorrow plague. Then, suddenly, he lights the lighter and let the flame slowly invade the paper. It is now on its knees and away watching the ashes carried by the wind.

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